Road Trip > Cape Disappointment, WA

by Rainbow Bobbins

This past weekend we headed northwest to camp out at Cape Disappointment on Long Beach Peninsula in Washington. This area ranks in my top spots to visit. Looooong, lonely beaches, big time bird watching, oysters, bike paths on the beach, lighthouses – lighthouses rule, you don’t like lighthouses you suck. I took some pictures:

DSCN7681We selected a spot right next to the beach. The ground had this nice soft spongy moss – the place was only half full despite weather in the 80s. The nights were cool though – I shivered in my sundress at night. Duh. Western PacNW is beanie and flannel weather 11 months out of the year. Note to self.

DSCN7651Beach furniture. We caught the sunset from this log-root formation.


DSCN7657Setting sun. The next morning we woke up early, had some coffee and muffins and headed over to Leadbetter Point near the tip of the Peninsula. We had the beach all to ourselves. Cray-zo. Well, it was us an hundreds of birds of all kinds, some duck looking birds, herons, snowy plovers, assorted sea birds and gulls, hawks, eagles, ravens. It was bad ass. Clearly this is their feeding ground – the sand was littered with crab legs and clam shells.

DSCN7708Beach side bird buffet

DSCN7715Some sort of heron or other big, tall bird. Where’s James Audubon when you need him? Seeing how well the birds were eating we headed over to Oysterville for chicken nuggets. I kid! No, for oysters but the season was closed (We are in a “Y” month – something about only eating raw oysters months with an R?). Too bad. We had delicious backup plan:

DSCN7717The famous Bow Picker Fish and Chips boat in Astoria. Hook up the TarTar, yo! We pulled up lawn chairs, cracked some Tecates and chowed down in the parking lot overlooking the Columbia River. On the way home we swung by Joy Creek Nursery in Scappoose for just a couple plants (restraint) and then on to Red Flag in PDX for beers, friends, sun and fun. Such a good weekend – I feel kinda hippy. I give thanks to the universe. I will keep coming back to this area because there is so much to do. If you are going here are some links to previous visits and cool places to stay:

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