Road Trip > Beverly Beach, OR

by Rainbow Bobbins


More Yurts! We headed southwest for some beach action at Beverly Beach near Newport, Oregon. Beverly Beach State Park has campsites, RVs slots and heated Yurts which are a bit more tightly spaced than other state parks we have visited. The beach is a very short walk away from the campgrounds and the park is located in between two charming beach communities that both have Pig n Pancakes. This is Dungeness Crab territory and the beaches are great for rock hunting. We found fossils, agates and jasper:

DSCN7762An agate! Newport has a nice touristy, historic downtown area with fresh seafood, boats, sea lions and some great murals:



DSCN7772It smells…authentically seashorey. I even saw a pirate with his wench and these dudes:

DSCN7777We caught the sun set on huge expanse of beach that we had mostly to ourselves. I still marvel at that…



Back at the Yurt Char and I finally decoded the secret to a raging campfire after 4 years of camping together: Duraflame. One duraflame mixed with standard campfire wood bundle. I wouldn’t cook over one but holy flames!! I can’t tell you how many times we have burned through every available paper item doused in lighter fluid to get some stubborn log to smolder.


Look into those fire eyes. Eesh. We will be blazing through the rest of the camp season and we are just getting started.