Garden update > black spot and new blooms

by Rainbow Bobbins

Things are looking good in the garden. day lilies, hydrangea and rose campion are blooming. In the veg garden the garlic and potatoes are just about ready and we have been feasting on peas, spinach and lettuce. Here are some pictures on the progress:

DSCN7921The Rose Campion are adding a nice splash of pink under the fir tree

DSCN7922The potatoes have gained a lot of height in the past two weeks. The veg garden from left to right: newly planted carrots and lettuce on far left, green bean sprouts, peas, potatoes, beets, lettuce, carrots, garlic rows, broccoli and spinach.

DSCN7925Here is the first little head of broccoli:

DSCN7930In the rose garden the plants are suffering from black spot. Things are not looking good – I’m doing battle with neem oil but would love to hear other suggestions about how to defeat black spot.

DSCN7933Here is one rose bush that is still producing some pretty blooms despite its spotted leaves:

DSCN7935Love that color. It is repeating in some other areas of the garden like HD buckets below. They are planted with tomatoes — our veg garden doesn’t get much sun due to the large firs in the backyard so I want to plant at least a couple of tomatoes that will actually get some sun.

DSCN7937 The tips of this grass are a gorgeous shade of red — I think it is called Japanese blood grass:

DSCN7938Still working on clearing a bed of huge oak roots so I can plant a bamboo green screen before it gets too hot an d dry. Happy gardening!