300 Posts!

by Rainbow Bobbins

Okay 300 posts in 6.5 years of blogging is nothing to brag about (Average 46 posts a year, 3 posts a month, .96 posts a week — hey, almost once a week doesn’t sound bad — is that math right?). This is a shoddy blog but I do love having a diary of sorts to look back at camping trips, moves, craft attempts and adventures. And my last post celebrating the 200th (is that a word?) post was only 1.5 years ago so my blogging is picking up in pace. Here’ is a breakdown:

300 – Posts in total
6.5 – Years of blogging
33,836 – Blog views in total (that is 11,523 more views since my 200th post)
128 – Blog views on my busiest day
1961 – Number of times the search term “square foot garden” has directed people to this blog. Something new this year is the Pinterest referrals — nearly all have been from a picture of my first square foot garden post back in 2007.
3 – Top search terms that leads people to this blog in order of frequency: Square Foot Garden, Coctel De Camarones, Pup Creek Falls. Hmm…all old posts from ’07/’08
5 – Personal top picks for randomest search terms that have landed people on this blog: Mad Bunny Rabbit; Two Headed Cow; Jenna (who is she? I don’t think I’ve blogged about her); Snow Pig; Flip Flop Fetish

I don’t do the bloggins for an audience necessarily but it is fun to look at numbers and see how it is faring in the wide world of internets. Hmmm…My goal is to hit 400 posts by next June — 100 posts in one year – an average of 8 per month/2 per week…might be doable. Onward with the lazy, poorly written kenny bloggins.