New old chair

by Rainbow Bobbins


When Heather and Reb headed east to move to Northern Michigan (UP?) they gifted me this old cane chair. I liked the mustard yellow fabric and wood but the chair was a bit beat up and the fabric was starting to disintegrate. People in the DIY blog world have been rehabbing these chairs like crazy so there are tons of tutorials out there on how to give cane chairs a facelift. I listed the instructions I found the most helpful below. I found this project is much more manageable when you are pulling/inserting staples while watching Game of Thrones. Some of the staple work was a bit tedious but I’m happy to have a bright chair for the office and the total cost was about $14 for fabric and paint. The basement office project is one step closer to being done…alllllmmmost there.

Chair - you so bright, so happy and a little hoopty.

Chair – you so bright, so happy and a little hoopty.

Oh Brooke has this great cane chair tutorial

I really wanted matching welting on my chair so I followed Little Green Notebook’s instructions on how to make single and double welting

I also wanted to keep the tufted back so I reused the orgional button hardware and just glued new fabric around the old mustard velvet buttons. You can make new buttons pretty easily with a button kit and Addicted2Decorating has a pretty detailed post on how to go about the tufting process.