Spring Harvest

by Rainbow Bobbins

It is almost officially summer time. Around the PacNW they say summer really starts after the 4th of July. Based on rain, lack of sun in my north-facing yard and cooler weather my vegetable garden has a slllloooow start up time. But finally we are in harvest mode and here is what is ending up on the dinner plate:

DSCN8073Peas, broccoli and lettuces. I highly recommend the Flashy Trout Back lettuce from Territorial Seed — it has grown beautiful, tasty heads of lettuce. I was not happy with the Green Deer Tongue – it did not perform well in my soil. I love shelling peas and this year I did a staggered planting of Dakota Peas (for earlier harvest) and Serge Peas. Both are super sweet and delicious – my favorite way to eat them is freshly shelled raw or briefly boiled with a dab of butter and sea salt.

DSCN8052We’ve been getting basket fulls of spinach — it is hard to keep up. When I need to get through a big batch my go-to recipe is a healthier version of creamed spinach very close to this recipe but using oil oil rather than butter: Creamed Spinach from Eating Well. I also love a batch of spinach soup – I use a improv recipe similar to this: Low Fat Spinach Soup recipe it is good with a swirl of greek yogurt and hot sauce.

DSCN7995I put this little herb garden in just outside the kitchen. It is handy for quick snips of mint, parsley, thyme, basil, oregano and rosemary (not pictured). This is where I stash all my beach finds – little rocks, shells and drift wood.

DSCN8056The view from the kitchen sink. I don’t typically like a lot of clutter but I do like having a little mini-garden to tend to. I think that face pot needs a hair transplant.