Garden > left fir

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN8036The backyard is flanked on each side by large fir trees — figuring out what to grow under these giants is a challenge but it has been fun to experiment. Some plants were already here like this Rose Campion that I am always posting about. It seems to love it under the fir tree and blue green fuzzy foliage with the bright pink flowers really brightens up the space. Despite its sweet appearance, I know this plant is plotting a slow but methodical take over of the entire yard. See those baby plants? I don’t trust them.

DSCN8040Recently this mystery plant popped up (with the purple flowers a spreading foliage on left). The house was built in the 50s so there is almost 60 years of gardening that has come before me. This plant with the purple flowers was one of those plants  where I was waiting to see if it was a weed – then it put out these pretty flowers:

DSCN8038What is it? (After some googling I think it might be Creeping Bellflower.) I like it — as long as it does not continue to spread too far. Fun surprise. Of course none of the items I planted in this area (calla and kniphofia bulbs) have come up.DSCN8043Here is an intentional planting that is starting to thrive — a clematis vine that will eventually be trained to climb up the lilac tree.

DSCN8047There is a little struggling hydrangea planted here — I’m not sure yet if it will stay. I think it might go over to the other side of the yard come fall.