Vegetable Garden Update

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN8029Here’s what is ready to eat: Peas, broccoli, lettuces, spinach galore. Crazy enough, it is almost bolt time for some of the spinach and lettuces that have been growing gangbusters over the past several weeks. I am pulling out the pea shoots as they are harvested as well. Is it weird to feel a little sad about 5 months-worth of growth coming out of the ground? On a happy note, clearing out the spinach and peas means it is planting time for cucumbers and zucchini – fairly ambitious for a north-facing garden shrouded in fir trees but we’ll see. Here’s how the garden is looking this week:

DSCN8021In the back of this bed are the broccoli and spinach which will be replaced with summer crops like cucumber and squash.

DSCN8022This is the first year I have been successful growing broccoli. They did not like my old raised beds.

DSCN8030In a week I will have a mass amount of peas. Yum. These are Serge peas from territorial seed company and they did awesome this year.

DSCN8025The potato plants are all over the place! They are starting to flower. After they finish flowering it will be digging and eating time — we have red potatoes and butterballs this year. On the other side of the garden I have new lettuce seedlings, beets and green beans growing — growing very very slowly. Funny how lack of sun will do that to a garden