by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN8130A while back I ordered some ferricyanide-ish chemicals, made a few transparency prints at the copy shop and set about making these cyanotype prints on an old cotton sheet. The idea is that these will some day become a quilt. If you are interested in cyanotype prints here is a detailed overview from Instructables. I ordered my chemicals from Photographers’ Formulary. I think you can purchase prepared paper and/or cloth from craft stores….Yes, here is a resource: (with a great inspiration gallery) Blueprints on Fabric. After visiting with my ma recently I re-caught the quilting bug and turned to the internets for a little inspiration. Tafi Brown and Meg Reno’s “Poke Salad” have cyanotype quilts that have the pink and blue vibe that i’d like to pursue. Of course I barely know how to sew so I’m keeping my expectations low. Estimated completion date for quilt top: July 14, 2014. More to come.

DSCN8128Skeletons and cyanotype seem to be a popular combo

DSCN8126Same with plant matter

DSCN8116Some sort of fish skeleton picture that I got of a University of California research lab website.

DSCN8132I see these paired with deep navy, magenta and baby pink fabrics…in a very random, scrappy layout. We’ll see what Fabric Depot has on sale. The process was fun and a little messy. If I did it again I would plan better for what I used as my ‘film’ for the contact print. Pinterest, of course, has all sorts of cyanotypes for inspiration. People have done some neat work with old lace dresses and feathers.