Weekend snapshots

by Rainbow Bobbins

Mellow weekend…did some gardening, nursery tour around Canby, picked 4lbs of blueberries at Morning Shade Farm, acquired some new plants and pots and read most of the way through book 4 of Game of Thrones. Brienne of Tarth is such a bad ass – she is my favorite character right now – which means she will probably be killed off in a few more chapters. Do you ever read so much of one author or series that you start thinking in terms of that fictional world?? Everything is all M’lord and japes and helms and sellswords – even in the grocery store. Hmm…maybe I should lay off the GoT for a bit.

IMG_1172First Days of Summer harvest

IMG_1179Alien looking plant at Portland Nursery

IMG_1192Four pounds of these beauties – Yum!