Understory: Chapter Three

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN8185A tale of two firs. I mentioned the Left Fir last week which is a bit of an experimental planting free for all. Right Fir has been a little more focused on ferns and shade lovers like hostas. Basically I want a big mix of pretty green colors. The understory of the Right Fir was a blank slate – or so I thought until wild geranium and trillium popped up. I mentioned a while back that I had relocated four old ferns from the yard to this spot and added three more: A leather leaf fern, some other small fuzzy fern and this guy:

DSCN8181Crested Male Fern “Crispa Cristata” – which is an awesome name – I want to use it to name a Viking-Mexican food restaurant or some sort of avant garde audio recording using bubble wrap. Anyhoo…

I was worried about those older transplanted ferns but the fern that fared the best was the one I hacked back. So I tried that with the other 3 who seemed to be suffering and now I’m rewarded with lots of these:

DSCN8001Furls! I’ve also added a chartreuse grass (blanking on the name), some begonias in pots and I’m happy to see the Spiderwort ‘sweet kate’ is living, though, not quite thriving. Or is it?

DSCN8189These mushrooms are doing just fine:

DSCN8190Here is a nice collection of green colors:

DSCN8188There is still lots of growing-in to be done… But its looking alive. Here is the space four months ago:

Photo taken in late Feb. 2013

Photo taken in late Feb. 2013

And here is how it is looking today:

DSCN7998New plants. They are kinda like tattoos right? You get addicted to getting new ones but you have to pace yourself because they are pricey and you don’t want to run out of space.