Thoughts on Poppies

by Rainbow Bobbins

Back in late March of this year I ordered 25,000 Papaver rhoeas or Shirley Poppy seeds from Swallowtail Gardens  — I threw the seeds into clay soil next to a growing Forsythia that eventually gobbled up and shaded most of the poppy bed. By mid March some of the poppy seeds had sprouted and were looking like this:

DSCN7400Tiny and crowded. Because I took so little care when planting these seeds I dismissed the idea that I would ever see blooms. But this last Sunday I looked out the window and spotted something red:

DSCN8171The color on the picture above was not altered – it is straight from my old digital point and shoot. And it looks like more blooms are on the way:

– Despite negligence and black thumbs these plants are easy to grow – just as I had read on various blogs. I like that.
– Next time I’ll try spacing the tiny-ass seeds out a bit and plant in succession – I did use the mix-with-sand method to spread the seed but I should have upped the ratio to keep the seedlings from coming up in clumps.
– Poppy progress will be monitored through the summer months and I will report back on the plants’ re-seeding efforts.

Also – I like those little back-lit poppy hairs. cute.