Vegetable Garden > Progress Report

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN8141A little potato progress research dig -they are pretty tasty.

This week in the garden:
Harvesting: peas, potatoes, last of the broccoli, lettuce, herbs, baby potatoes
Planting: cucumber and summer squash transplants
Growing: tomatoes (including two volunteer tomatoes), green beans, more potatoes, carrots, more lettuce, more spinach, fennel.
Gave up on: beets. Boo. I have not been able to crack the code on beets.

DSCN8173I am trying a trellis system with these two tomatoes although I have already failed to train them. The other tomatoes are getting the ‘ol cage treatment. Those small plants in the back are lemon cucumbers and the last of the broccoli. I need to study up on better tomato trellis systems for next year.

DSCN8175Look at my lace leafed green beans. Slugs suck. The plants that make it past their two first leaves seem to be doing alright. Any slug abatement tips are welcome.

I like looking back at the garden’s progress. Here was the vegetable garden back in April of this year:

IMG_0957And here it is now from a similar angle:

DSCN8179Hmm..not quite as full and lush as I imagined but give me a couple of months… Also, note that Forsythia on the far right. That plant has gone gangbusters even after serving as my test subject for my new electric pruner last October.

DSCN8178Here is another angle with the struggling green beans in the forefront and the rogue sunflower that I did not plant there. I have had two sunflowers emerge out of 50+ I planted. Hmm…another round of seed perhaps? The shelling peas – midway up on right– are delicious!! This is my last patch of peas for the season.