Did I mention the poppies?

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN8320I’m overkillblogg’n the poppies but I love them and come winter I will revisit these posts and these pictures will my me happy:



DSCN8387They are so cool looking at all stages: Bud, flower, seed pod. When I get up in the morning I grab an iced coffee and go visit the poppies to see what they are up to. I sound like a junkie but I don’t think this is the variety that will get you high. Interesting plant — I’m sure there is some book out there about the history of the poppy — I will research and welcome suggestions.

Poppy Reading/watching List:

* Amitav Ghosh ” Sea of Poppies”
*From Youtube: Documentary about opium trade narrated by Paul Newman “Flowers of Darkness”
*Eric Detzer: Poppies: Odyssey of an Opium Eater and the feature film