Rose Mapping

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN8525To the right of the yard near the house is a 10x20ft rose garden planted around a bird bath. I know nothing about roses but Portlanders are kinda crazy about them. Four of the roses were here when I moved in and I brought one with me and planted two more that I picked up from Seven D’s and Portland Nursery. I noticed their tags were falling off so I made this hoopty garden map so I can try and remember the names:

Rose MapMy terminology is made up and I spelled things wrong in my rush to be done with Photoshop – I will revisit when I have more design and skills. Ha. Basically I just wanted a go-to reference in case I care what these plants are named in the future. The rose garden is just recovering from a serious attack of black spot so some of the plants (mainly the newer ones: Sweetness, Dolly Parton and Pumpkin Patch) are still looking sickly. They all have blooms though and things are looking colorful. This will be a tedious…but here is the rose garden line up so I have a go-to reference aside from my dusty garden notebook.

UNKNOWN – I call it big white: Anyone know the name?



UNKNOWN II – Recognize this rose? I call it Ratty Red. It has been in bad shape this year and the blooms look a little haggard.



ELINA – ***I think this one was tagged wrong. Elina is typically a light yellow rose****A happy note in the garden, great vibrant colors, lots of medium, clumping blooms. Cool color variegation:



HENRY FONDA– Great deep yellow colored blooms, that grow in clusters, medium sized blooms, fade with age.



PUMPKIN PATCH – This plant moved with us from the old place. Great, deep autumn orange blooms that fade to a light pink as they age. I have never seen this plant healthy though (I had it in a shady, clay location at the last place and this year it was covered in black spot). It has quite a few blooms this year so there is hope yet. These pics don’t do justice to the cool orange color:



LEGENDS  — Also known as the Oprah Rose by weeks. Getting a dozen of these from your lover should be on a bucket list. These blooms are huge, long lasting and the color is a super saturated red with a hint of magenta. They grow on long stems and they make me happy. Dear char – the clippers are in the basement.



SWEETNESS – Very fitting name. I sniffed all the roses at Portland Nursery and this one smelled the best and I love the lavender hue. This one is struggling to get established and battle off the black spot so it looks a little sickly. It is starting to put out some blooms now and I’m rooting for it to live!



DOLLY PARTON – The other new addition. She is also a great smelling rose and super bright pink – ala 80’s lipstick/Rhinestone Cowboy. She is still getting established but I look forward to more totally radical, snummy flowers.



My coworker gave me that hydrangea last fall as a house warming gift. So sweet. I planted it around the same time as Dolly and I love those colors together.

DSCN8512Clearly I have more mulching to do. That is my re-donk, long winded rose post. I want to add a couple more plants, of course.