Plants and Dinner from around the yard

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN8406These guys popped up this week — more surprises from the previous owners.


DSCN8341I found this ^ little maple seedling in the front yard. I want to try and grow it into a tree.  Below is a new addition that I picked up from Secret Garden Growers Nursery – Japanese Golden Cedar (Is that right? I need to double check)

DSCN8335And the variegated nasturtiums are coming out:

DSCN8398Last night I harvested potatoes, green beans, basil and spinach from the garden for a pure garden/farm dinner.

IMG_1360The ‘farm’ component was two eggs from a local farm that delivers to my work. I made a simple spinach salad with olive oil, basil, cider vinegar and sea salt; steamed green beans and a Spanish Tortilla otherwise known as a Spanish Omelet. In my version of the Spanish Tortilla I slice one medium potato thin (but not mandolin thin) and fry in medium hot heat with the minimum amount of olive oil (about a table spoon and maybe a tad more) flipping potatoes once. I whisk two eggs with pepper (and any other herbs) and pour over the potatoes, cover, reduce heat and let firm up – very carefully I flip it over for a quick cook on the other side. If I am making a larger serving I will use a plate to help flip the the tortilla. Linked Spanish Tortilla recipe is from Mark Bittman featured in the NY Times. Great Dinner!