Vegetable Garden > Progress Report

by Rainbow Bobbins

IMG_1385Harvesting: potatoes, chard, green beans galore, spinach, herbs, flashy trout back lettuce. Shelling pea seed saving for next year’s plantings.
Planting: sunflowers
Growing: tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, grapes, blueberries, zucchini, pumpkins, cucumbers, green beans, chard, sweet peas, herbs of all sorts
Gave up on: Nothing this week but I am worried about why the Zucchini is not setting fruit

IMG_1389The first little cucumbers are forming. It is hard to see in the back but the second trellis has sweet peas which make gardening in this section of the yard such a pleasure. That smell…heavenly sweet. The potato plants to the right are ready for harvest. Too many potatoes!

IMG_1394Well hello there. My runty tomato plants growing the shade of fir trees are forming fruit. Please ripen. Thank you.

IMG_1391Runty pumpkins are starting to assert their space in the garden

IMG_1388First sunflower face to appear. Yay. One out of the 200 I planted that grew, bloomed, made merry.

IMG_1386Zucchini – whats wrong with you? I thought I’d be force feeding myself vats of zucchini soup. Instead your blooms are wilting off with no fruit. No bueno.

I realized I had some produce I needed to clear out of the fridge before it went bad. Mainly some grapes I bought for a chicken salad and the blueberries I had picked, froze and defrosted from Morning Shade Farms. There is nothing like a juicer to help you work through excess produce:

IMG_1408I juiced them with some lime and mint, added just a touch of sparkling water for a very tasty beverage to sip on the deck after an afternoon of yard work:

IMG_1415Summer – you’re the best.