Saving Seed

by Rainbow Bobbins

IMG_1423I let some of the shelling peas ripen in their pod then harvested the plants and let them dry out in the sun for a week in an effort to collect seed for next year’s plantings. I’ve never tried planting with saved seed before…It will be interesting to see how the peas do next spring. I have two cups worth of dried peas stored in a glass jar. Hmm..huge crop for next year?

IMG_1430Earlier this year I noticed a gorgeous purple columbine hidden in the hedges in the front yard. I collected the seeds from this plant and plan to sow them somewhere they can be seen. Most likely in the shady patch next to the backyard shed. The little seed pods are like cups and you can just pour out the tiny little seeds into what every handy container. I will report back on performance:

IMG_1427Little columbine seeds:

IMG_1431Any seed saving suggestions? I’m interested in hearing people’s success stories and I hope to try a few more plants – maybe spinach, lettuces, pumpkin and the tomatoes.