Wednesday Commute > Walk to Work

by Rainbow Bobbins

HouseYesterday morning was gorgeous and sunny out. I woke up early, made an iced coffee and decided to walk (most of the way) to work – about five miles. I took a meandering NE route that kept me near Broadway. This is such a great way to start the day.  I love roaming through the old neighborhoods of inner Portland and getting landscaping ideas. I spotted lots of creative plant-scapes like this sweet container between two apartment buildings:

IMG_1445Also spotted:  a number of front yard and hell-strip vegetable gardens like this one:

curbgardenThere was some yarn bombing:

yardbombAnd this great plant combo – I wish my pictures did it justice. It was a lovely mix…along the lines of what I would like to see in the front yard one day:

yardenvyAlong the route I also noticed several hardy hibiscus – very pretty. I’m curious how these look in the winter…they might be an option for future plantings.

HibisicusI’ve got to make this routine. Wednesday walk to work days. If only I did not have to wake up so early…!