This Weekend in Plants

by Rainbow Bobbins

IMG_1377Pretty place to relax at Cistus Nursery. I headed out to Sauvie Island Friday after work for some beach time and to pick up produce from Kruger Farms. Lots of options out here for picking berries and fresh produce. A sign on the road caught my eye — “Cistus Nursery” — I’ve been meaning to check this place out for a while and I was not disappointed. It is gorgeous and I like the way they have the plants grouped. Amazingly I did not walk away with any plants (too much in the works…I need to focus on one plan for the yard). However, I did get some inspiration for future plantings and I just noticed Danger Garden posted a parking lot landscape featuring gorgeous plants from Cistus. I took a few pictures around the nursery but nothing to do it justice:

IMG_1378Two plants who are contenders for joining the yard are the Willow Leaf Spiketail, pictured below, and a Weigela “Looymansii Aurea”. I need to do some more research…I am learning…patience grasshopper…

IMG_1371A while back I was seduced into purchasing some Dahlia Bulbs from Swan Island Dahlias and the first blooms opened this week. I have to say, as much as I love these flowers I am realizing that my soil was just not ready for them. They seem to be struggling. Not sure if these will be a part of my longer term landscaping but I am enjoying them for now.

IMG_1426I made a delicious tomatillo-avocado salsa with the produce I picked up from Kruger’s. Very easy – Roast some tomatillos, throw them in a blender with lime juice, white onion, garlic, salt, cilantro, avocado and jalapeno and wha-la! Que rico salsa: