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by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN8564This Week in the Garden:

Harvesting: potatoes – TONS of potatoes, chard, green beans, spinach, herbs, flashy trout back lettuce, a cucumber.
Planting: Nada
Growing: tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, grapes, blueberries, zucchini, pumpkins, cucumbers, green beans, chard, sweet peas, herbs of all sorts
Gave up on:  the Zucchini is still slow to grow…

DSCN8559Here is a little dinner-harvest of Flashy Trout Back lettuce, Chard, Green Beans, herbs and spinach. I love being about to go out in the yard and pick my meal.

DSCN8640Here is the precarious tomato trellis that is booming! The weight of the tomatoes is threatening to topple this contraption so I bought some stakes over the weekend to put in some reinforcements. Below is a pic of the tomato plants at the end of June. The crazy thing is the little pumpkin plants in the back of the tomatoes – those have done quite a bit of growing in the past month.

DSCN8173Here are the pumpkin plants this week from a different angle. Smaller than they should be but growing everyday:


DSCN8585The cucumbers are growing rapidly as well. A little pickle above and 8 days later it looked like this:

DSCN8708Almost ready for harvest.

DSCN8715A few more sunflowers have opened up. Next year more of these! They make the garden a happy place and they are bee magnets.

DSCN8725Our first red tomato from our Home Depot bucket tomato experiment. More on this in another post.

DSCN8674We have tons of green tomatoes. Soon they will be ripe and in my belly. Yum. Finally, the grapes that Doug gave us have also put on some nice growth. We need to start training these…lesson learned from the tomato trellis attempt.

DSCN8712Here is the grape from the same pt. of view back in April:

DSCN7626A long-winded post but I am a sucker for progress and before and after pics.