Yard Notes

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN8567My poppy posts are winding down as the blooms are fading and tapering off. I do want to explore harvesting seed for next year’s plantings but this might close out the season for posts about poppies…its been real, see ya next summer.

DSCN8637The roses are colorful and doing ok. That damn black spot keeps coming back. My neem oil trigger finger is growing tired.

DSCN8730I had a nice showing of lilies. I picked some lily bulbs up from Judith Freeman of The Lily Garden at the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon (HSPO) plant sale earlier this year. I planted these along with some lilies I discovered from the previous owners. Here are some gorgeous blooms from the yard that smell really good:


DSCN8642I was trying to take a picture of how the pretty the leaves of the coral bark maple looked with the sun behind them. I don’t like that the leaves are changing already. It is still summer! Maybe it is a sign that the tree is unhappy. On closer inspection I noticed this:

DSCN8654Little beetles? Baby lady bugs? Not sure. By they were tiny and cute. And if there were more of them…a little creepy.

DSCN8587I got this Chinese Parasol Tree from secret garden growers a while back. I recently found that pot at Winco for $15! That is a great price for a large ceramic pot. I thought it will look cool with the bamboo we will get around to planting someday. Speaking of which…I think this is the month that I will place my order for 5 yards of 4-mix soil delivery. That’s a lot of dirt to accommodate new plants! So next up for the yard is some hardscaping around the bamboo bed, 100 square feet of lawn removal, new soil and the bamboo will finally go in.