by Rainbow Bobbins

wallpaperThe bedroom: Those purple walls, the 60 years of wallpaper trends, the 5+ layers of paint-wallpaper-paint are coming down…with a fight.  Here are the battle tools:

DSCN8663$60 worth of tools from Home Depot: Paper Tiger, two types of scrapers, DIF wallpaper remover solution, sprayer, plastic drop cloth, dust mask. $60! Geez. Not pictured: gloves, determination, tunes.

Here is the boring bedroom before. We moved in a year ago and the 80s floral curtains from the previous owners were still up as of last week. But we have plans. Big (yet cheapskate) plans for a cool, cozy room. Let’s paint, we said. While we are at it let’s remove wallpaper.It will be fun.

1bedBhrawhahaha. So the scraping began:

DSCN8666If you are into peeling sunburns or picking scabs this is the activity for you. Walls in this room are like an archeological dig. Layers of wall paper of all styles and eras… ultimately on top of un-primed drywall. The worst case scenario. The trick was to remove all of the top layers and get down to the very first layer — what I called the 1955 ‘circuit board’ wallpaper. This layer peeled off like butter once I made my way down to it and soaked it with the sprayer and DIF solution. I’ve heard vinegar and fabric softener work as well — I will try this out on some of the other wallpapered rooms to compare.

DSCN8700 The process was tedious but we persisted. The Paper Tiger was not all that useful. The sprayer was my friend. My hand became one with the short scraper. The long sharp scraper was good on the outer layers but I had to be careful near the drywall because it was quick to gouge and shred the drywall paper I was trying to keep intact.

DSCN8807Shredded gloves. And a couple of gouges in need of repair in the background. After 7 days and 9 hours of scraping, coaxing, peeling we are now here:

DSCN8812We discovered one large existing hole and created many new gouges and tears in the drywall which will require a bunch of tedious smoothing, priming, skim coating and overall TLC. Below is a goofy pinterest board of some of the elements I imagine for the room. All of it is up for debate from the man and budget of course. I think we have agreed on Martha Stewart’s Zinc for the walls. Next up: Patch, Mud walls; texture ceiling, crown molding. Some new tools and trips to Home Depot. Doh!

1abedOr something along those lines…more to come.