First Quilt > Completed!

by Rainbow Bobbins

quilt It took the intervention/help of a talented quilter but we finally finished the first quilt. I had started this for a very special family member but it was looking too ‘feminine’ (not that babies care) and the design was overhauled for a very special friend. (That family member has a quilt in the works and it is full of blue and sharp angles! Maybe it will be ready in time for college. Har!). My mom really did the hard work on this — the quilting and binding. I’m going to attempt this on the next quilt. The picture below is a little washed out but you can see the detail a bit better. I am really happy with how it turned out and I am excited to complete quilt #2 soon before I have to work on quilt #3 which will be needed in the not so distant future! Thanks to mom for pulling this together xoxo. Oh wow…here is a link to when I first dyed the fabric in October of 2011 – Doh. And updates on progress/process here and here. Holy snail pace.

DSCN8944Thanks Char for modeling