San Francisco > Plant Scouting

by Rainbow Bobbins

IMG_1520While visiting friends in SF I ended up spending a lot of time in Golden Gate Park and roaming around the Sunset and Mission Districts. I came away with inspiration for planting the parking strips in the front yard. But first, look at that awesome monster in front of the pink house. The owner was like: “I have an idea for the yard…its THIS PLANT.” Here are a few of the things that caught my eye:

IMG_1522Stopped in tracks. This is what I want for my parking strips. So I will proceed to post too many photos:

IMG_1525Notice the little stone stack. So good.

IMG_1526Profile shot, nice color combo

IMG_1524Close up. Now I just need to identify each and every plant and figure out if they survive in zone 8 with little water and an owner who is battling black thumb. Who can help me out here? On this walk I also strolled over to the Conservatory of Flowers which was closed (Mondays) and the Dahlia Garden:


DSCN9095Golden Gate park is such a treasure. Imperial Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin has an interesting account of the early efforts of Olmsted and crew to turn a sand dune wasteland into a formal park. It is a great read if you are interested in SF history. You get the stories of the people behind the names of streets and buildings that you recognize around town.