Basement Office > Before and After-ish

by Rainbow Bobbins

basement before afterBefore and After. Transformed from 80s Dirty Blue to Pink and Random. I was not blessed with the eye for design but I think the new look is cleaner and more cheerful.

basement room 3

Basement Room 1We painted the walls white, installed ikea’s Tundra flooring, and added baseboards. I upholstered a chair that Heather gave me, found a rug on e-bay, and picked up a lamp, face planter, big basket, and a woodblock print at the thrift store. I also picked up big woven bags from Ikea to hold quilting scraps and material. This is the space where I will learn how to quilt for real. I started this project shortly after moving in in September. Geez. Here was the pile of ‘before’ shtuff for the room:


furnishings and whatnot before being attacked with spray paint

One day, I’d like to upgrade to a big, cozy leather chair for reading. I don’t know why this room took a whole a year to pull together…While it looks a little goofy it is filled with things that make me happy:

b5Colorful thrift store print. It is in the style of a Japanese woodcut. I did not take it out of the frame to see if it is an ‘authentic’ woodcut – I doubt it is.

b4Yay for face planters, black thumb therapy and grandma’s old nightstand.

b3The start of what will one day be a massive mask collection and my favorite painting of all time which I scored at a thrift store in Southern California years ago. She called to me from across the room. It was creepy.

b2 Guy MacCoy print. Still not sure just yet where this will live.

b1The Viking Sewing machine from my ma. The large print is from Zeloot – a badass poster/etc artist, to the left is Elton John and to the right is a valentines day monster I picked up for Char at PDX Saturday Market. For the small window I stumbled upon this contact paper frosted glass solution from 7th House on the Left.

DSCN9215Easy and inexpensive – offers a bit of privacy without blocking light. smart. Next up: Master Bedroom > 2016.