Hike > Siouxon Creek

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN9307Saturday was a beautiful day for a hike at Siouxon Creek. This is an easy 7.7 mile hike to Chinook Falls and back. Located in the western part of  Gifford Pinchot National Forest in SW Washington – it was a 1hr20min(ish) drive from Portland. The hike takes you along Siouxon Creek through fern groves and over spongy-mossy forest floors. Along the way are 2 small cascades and one waterfall. Lovely, relaxing hike! See link for directions and more information.

DSCN9313There were tons of mushrooms along the trail. Some of my co-hikers scored on lobster mushrooms – similar looking to the ones growing above only they were on the ground. I learned that they are actually not mushrooms but a parasitic ascomycete on a host ‘shroom.

DSCN9297I don’t know enough about mushrooms to feel comfortable about picking and eating them willynilly but this is the second hike I’ve been on a month where I was with hikers who were geeking out on fungus ground scores. It sounds fun to go mushrooming with an experienced hunter.

DSCN9309We arrived around 9:00am and had the trail mostly to ourselves. By the time we were headed back we crossed paths with a handful of hikers, backpackers and mountain bikers.

DSCN9279There were some nice camp spots for backpackers — I will have to comeback for a mid-week backpack trip next summer.

DSCN9323This was our turn-around — if you want to do a longer hike you can cross the stream and continue to another waterfall.

DSCN9277I left PDX around 8:15am and got back home around 3:00pm. So the hike – with a lunch break- took us about 4 hours at a leisurely pace. Even though this is a flat hike (about 700 elevation gain) my legs felt sore. Geez. Need to get into better hiking shape!