Vegetable Garden > Progrss Report

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN9367Harvesting: chard, herbs, zucchini, tomatoes galore!
Planting: Still have not put in the ‘fall’ planting…hmm…not sure if this will happen this year. I am preoccupied with other house and garden projects.
Growing: tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, grapes, blueberries, zucchini, pumpkins, chard, herbs
Gave up on: Cucumbers – They are done for the season. But this week I could have a new category called “restored hope in” and the zucchini and the pumpkins would be listed. I thought both were ka-put but they are thriving now. Zucchini soup time!

A closer look at the tomatoes – so pretty:

DSCN9368That picture makes me happy. The garden is looking a little rough. My goal for next year is to grow great food with higher yields and make it look pretty. Here’s how is is looking now – a little neglected:

DSCN9357Because of the shadows from the fir trees it is hard to photograph the garden in good light. You can see I am half-assing the weeding. The green beans are slowing down and will come out soon. I discovered this year that I do not like roma-style green beans as well as the rounded variety. Next year I will stick with the blue lake type.

DSCN9372I’ve planted rounds of sunflowers with a low success rate but I have learned this year to hold off planting until later in the season. These later-planted sunflowers are still popping up and out in random spots around the garden. More of these next year!

DSCN9374Here is the pumpkin that was pecked at. Not sure if it will make it through the rains without rotting. I doubt it. But I was happy to see that the pumpkin patch rallied to produce another little squash. I’m not counting on carving a huge pumpkin from the garden this year for Halloween. Maybe next year.

DSCN9377No doubt the main attraction in the garden right now is the tomatoes — I have 13 plants in total (including a few volunteers) and I was worried that they would not start ripening in time. This week they started showing their colors. To encourage ripening during the short season I have been clipping out the sucker branches, maintaining single stem, withholding water and clipping out the youngest smallest fruit. The ripening window is short!