Bedroom Progress

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN8812Last report –  4 layers of wall paper and paint were removed from the bedroom walls. Since then Char has patched and skim coated the drywall and applied a knock-down texture to the ceiling where old nails and drywall seams were starting to show. Here’s how it is looking now:

IMG_1621In my mind our finished room would look simple but colorful, edgy and modern. In reality, my design skills are nil…and my choices usually err on the side of clownish from including too many colors. Luckily, by the time me and the man have agreed on paint, furniture and finishings both of our aesthetics have been so compromised we are left with only one or two milquetoast options to choose from. I just learned how to spell milquetoast correctly (geez!). Yes, we do decor via stubborn compromise! It’s looking a little beachy but here are some of the elements we have agreed to so far:

craigslist deskWe picked up this $50 dresser off of craigslist. It somehow fit in the back of my hatchback which was good on one hand but also induced my first ever mini-panic attack from being squished in the front seat with windshield face. It turns out I’m a wee bit claustrophobic. This little beast is a American of Martinsville and I was happy to see it on Etsy for $900 – makes me feel like I got a deal even though mine has cobwebs.

Below is the wall color (the only one we could both agree on -ish) it is Sherwin Williams “retreat”:

retreatMaterial for headboard:retreat headboard8×10′ ‘Maui Chunky Loop” rug from RugsUSA for $129 – from their labor day sale. It is a lot of rug for the price but I have not unrolled it all the way so I can’t report on quality yet:

retreatrugWe are on the look out for an affordable version of a light like this one from Lamps Plus:

retreatlightWe also bought a box-pleat duvet on sale at Macy’s almost a year ago. Hmm…not so ‘edgy’. We are going to have to find some cool artwork and curtains to give this place some personality. Not that I mind – I feel what we got will be a huge improvement from when we moved in which was cozy but purple, dusty and not our stupid design choices:

1bedAnd now for my daily dose of list:

Done: Removed layers of wall paper, removed cracked moldings from around windows, found dresser, skim coated all of the walls, applied a subtle knock down texture to the ceiling to cover drywall seams. Removed 80’s curtains, removed ceiling fan.

Next up: Sand, smooth, dust walls and ceiling then paint them. Install window molding, paint doors and all trim, install ceiling light, new blinds, curtains. purchase/scavenge art, night stands, more lighting. Install furniture.