Vegetable Garden > Progress Report

by Rainbow Bobbins

IMG_1618Harvesting: chard, herbs, tomatoes, the very last of the green beans
Planting: eeesh…I’ve been busy, but not in the garden. Not sure if I will get a fall crop in the ground. Most likely I will put in some garlic and a cover crop.
Growing: tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, grapes, blueberries, zucchini, pumpkins, chard, herbs, sunflowers
Gave up on: The whole garden. Awwww…not really but it kinda looks like it. The garden is definitely shifting gears with the season. Time to put in some fall crops, prep the beds for winter and early spring. I am building a simple trellis for the grapes and will probably move the blueberries to somewhere where they get more sun.

These pictures were taken in the middle of last week on a gorgeous sunny day. The PDX fall weather arrived right on cue and it turned into a gray, wet weekend by Sunday. Here is the sun before the storm:

IMG_1617At this point in the season some of the big heirloom tomatoes that we have been nursing are ready for harvest. We sliced into this one — it was so sweet and check out those colors! I forget what it was (I was bad at documenting tomato types this year)

IMG_1584We had breakfast on the deck. Sidenote: whats up with going through the entire bowl of batter before the last two pancakes turn out looking like they are supposed to?

IMG_1596Along with the tomatoes we are also enjoying our last batch of sunflowers:


IMG_1613I’ve also been letting my lettuce and spinach go to seed so I can collect seeds for next year’s plantings:

IMG_1619Those are the grapes I need to train on the left next to the fence.  Whoa – Here is a picture from when I first planted the grapes in April- they have put on impressive growth over the summer.

IMG_1620I started removing some of the green beans and clearing plants out. Not sure how the pumpkins will do (in the back next to the doomed Forsythia) they are not looking good. I will miss the vegetable garden over the winter. Maybe next year I will get better at growing a year-around crop. There is still plenty of work to do though. I want to rota-till, build a raised bed or two, plant some garlic, maybe score an espalier apple tree in one of the fall plant sales and at the very least plant some more spinach and a cover crop like red clover. I try to stay active outdoors even during PDX’s long gray/wet season but I see our interests turning indoors already: last night it poured rain and we made turkey tacos and watched Downton Abbey like the party animals we are.