New plants/Old Projects

by Rainbow Bobbins

IMG_1643I’m trying to stay focused on two projects: finishing my bedroom and getting the bamboo bed done. I was sidetracked by plant sales and the amazing weather this past weekend. I hit up Portland Nursery’s 25% off shade tree sale (picture above from their fall plant display – sumac: I have my eye on you) and Xera’s 30% off everything sale on Sunday. I did get some work done on the bamboo bed (notice termite stump is gone):

IMG_1660I looks a little weird right now but I have a vision. A 10-year vision. Ugh..look how nice it used to look…There is a good reason for ripping out that gorgeous shrub – namely to create a taller green screen for some privacy from our neighbors who are nice but always outside smoking and listening to the weather channel. The bamboo is going up to create some privacy along the left side of the yard. My plan is to grow a shrub-wall along this entire length:

IMG_1661 Most of the grass to the left of the green bin will be removed and its place will go some new acquisitions:

IMG_1652Graber’s Pyracantha –  I’m excited about this one. Hopefully it will get enough sun to thrive here. It gets white blooms, red berries and stays green year around. I’ve heard it makes a nice 10ft hedge.

IMG_1656Autumn Moon Maple – 25% off from Portland nursery. I’ve admired this maple for a while and I think it will look pretty next to the fargesia robusta bamboo one day.

IMG_1658It is hard to see this with the  back drop of rose campion but this is a Elderberry Black Lace. It gets whitish/pinkish blooms and will grow into a 6ft hedge. Love the dark foliage and I think it will look cool next to this guy:

IMG_1654My first Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’ – Japanese forest grass. Yay! (nerd).

IMG_1659This is the general area where these will be planted. I like trying to picture it a few years from now: bright orange berries on the 6ft tall thornbush, next to the dark elderberry with a bright green pompom of grass and .??…. hmm so many possibilities. I also picked up a gorgeous variegated Rhodie ‘Goldflimmer’ for under the fir tree and a camilla ‘winter joy’ to squeeze between the Lilac and the butterfly bush on the right side of the yard. This plant haul should tide me over for a while. One last pic to celebrate the season — check out what managed to live in the vegetable garden:

IMG_1648Happy Fall!