I’m bad with colors

by Rainbow Bobbins

I managed to collect a 3-inch thick pile of paint samples from Home Depot, Lowes and Sherwin Williams. If I had my way our room would be bright green. But I don’t have my way – I have our way which is somewhere between my bright green and Char’s dark burgundy which landed us with three paint chips that we could begrudgingly agree to:

IMG_1708On the left is Martha Stewart’s Bayou, middle is Behr’s Squirrel and on the right is Martha’s Winter’s Day. They are all so dark. Geez. I’m so sick of looking at paint colors that I’m ready to just go with it. We eliminated Winter’s Day which was pleasant enough but had too much blue. Our house in general suffers from too much blue so Char had an immediate aversion.

IMG_1712Bayou (L) vs. Squirrel (R). Squirrel is pretty too but brown, very brown. And Bayou? Well, it wins by default. The colors look especially dreary due to the bad phone pic. Is it possible to paint a room such a dark, dreary color and still have it seem cozy and cheerful? I just don’t know about these things…

The snail paced bedroom overhaul continues. The ceiling was painted bright white. Next steps are to paint the walls with Bayou and hope I don’t hate it. The vegetable garden is almost cleared out and will get a cover crop this weekend. The bamboo bed is on hiatus until soil delivery and there are some new shrubs getting planted in the beds. Pics to follow from what I hope will be a productive weekend. Oh, we got some pumpkins from Sauvie Island – gorgeous out there: