Room > Bayoued

by Rainbow Bobbins

IMG_1712(Left = martha stewart bayou. Right= Behr Squirrel)

I mentioned in this post that the man and i had narrowed down our paint selection to a couple of colors neither of us loved but that we agreed wouldn’t offend. Ultimately we chose Martha Stewart’s Bayou which I put on the walls this weekend:

IMG_1716Holy darkness. This will get better right? With some light colored other thingies in the room – like trim, crown, drapes. Ah geez….

IMG_1714Here it is with some more natural light and below with crown molding sample painted in “Frost”:

IMG_1721Hmmm…. It’s definitely has a green tinge…like a dark sage or sometimes an army-greenish hue with a lot of muddy gray on top. One thing I do know is that I’m not painting the walls again anytime soon. I’ll finish the room, live with it and if I hate it, I will paint again in a year or five. I don’t believe decorating is all that important in the overall scope of life but it is fun to think about and I’ve come to realize it is a skill…one that I have not acquired. Case in point – I can’t figure out what ‘goes’ with this color:



Hmm…what would you do if you were stuck with this color? Light pink, corals, baby blues, bright eyeball bursting yellow, white? I’m open. At the end of the day I’m just grateful to have a roof and comfortable bed.