Yard notes > spring edition

by Rainbow Bobbins

It is spring! That means I’m back in the garden and back to poorly crafted blog posts about the garden progress. Or…lack of progress in some cases. Like the bamboo bed below which has not changed since early October.


Currently the bamboo bed is collecting weeds but I have a plan. Soil delivery is scheduled for next month and I bought my first fargesia robusta which will eventually live here (in the brown center pot below):


While I was out-and-about in the yard I gave face planter some new ‘hair’ of the maidenhair fern variety. Also, the lions mane or ‘Shishigashira’ maple is starting to get its leaves. I like to pretend to do bonsai on it.


The Black Elderberry Lace is showing signs of life but unfortunately, it looks like the Garber’s Pyracantha I was so excited about bit the dust.


I’ve purchased a few new additions including two hellebores. So pretty.


The trillium are coming up:


And of course these guys are all over the yard:


One new feature to the veggie garden are these raised beds — they were kind of a splurge but I am interested to see if they help certain plants (i’m thinking carrots where I can control the sandy soil and/or tomatoes – I hear raised beds are slightly warmer). If nothing else they will keep things organized. They are pretty good sized at 4’x12′ and there is still plenty of room for stuff to go in the ground in the rest of the 35’x25′ veggie garden. Now only if it weren’t so darn shady.


Well, thats the kick off to what I hope will be a happy and abundant growing season. At the very least I would like to hold myself accountable for getting the bamboo bed done!