Goodbye Forsythia

by Rainbow Bobbins

DSCN7298Around this time of year when the Forsythias are in bloom I feel just a twinge of regret of taking down our 30-year old Forsythia shrub.  It started out as an unruly beast that occupied a 15×15′ spot in the yard (probably larger) between the veggie garden and the shed. Shortly after moving into our house I felt a strong urge to use the electric hedge trimmer the former owners had left us on something — the forsythia was my victim and I trimmed it into the big, tidy ball below and started removing some of the grass around the base of the shrub.

Quite a while ago I started to remove that patch of grass under the Forsythia

It really was a pretty shrub

Fast forward to August of last year and BAM!: Untamed Shrub:


Which is charming in a way but I have this novice-gardner-first-time-yard owner need to try out new plants and this shrub was taking up valuable real estate. Plus, for a good part of the year it is leaf-less and brown. I have an idea to turn this area into a small sitting nook/herb garden for hanging out next to the veggie garden so on Saturday I nearly finished a 7-month long removal process pulling up the last of the roots:


The yard is looking worse for my efforts but I hope to redeem myself by putting up a trellis for clematis and Fiveleaf akebia vine, making a fern gully, fastia japonica to obscure the shed, adding a herb garden, a stone patio, hostas, a spot for some dahlias. I also have plans to remove more grass. We’ll see…sometimes my visions don’t execute well in reality like the time I got rid of my couch in favor of hanging only hammocks in the living room and ended up with big holes in the walls and nowhere to sit. A few more pictures below to remember this big ol shrub and its 30 year tenure in the yard:


Do you see what I'm seeing?

If things don’t work out I can always plant a new one, right?

I’m hoping to get the trellis up by June…more to come.