This week in the yard

by Rainbow Bobbins

I poked around in the yard on Saturday between downpours – flowers I didn’t know we had are out and about:


I added two hellebores under the left fir tree understory and have a hosta that is waiting for a home. The hostas that were planted last year have just barely started to surface — I’m waiting to see where I need to do some planting and in-fill before buying more plants. My goal is that one day this area will look like Steve’s garden featured at Art of Gardening


Here is a shot taken from the deck. I look forward to renting a sod cutter to expand the garden beds on all sides and reduce the size of the lawn. There will still be plenty of room for croquet and a big stone patio one day. Clearly, nothing has happened in the veggie garden aside from the addition of two cedar beds. More to come in the next two weeks.

The maple is starting to get some leaves and the small conifer on the left is not looking happy — unlike stone dog who is always in a good mood and well behaved. No he is not a cat.


Supposedly this is Yucca color guard that I bought off some dude on craigslist. The plant never looked healthy -I guess that is what you risk when you try to save a few bucks by not buying from a legit nursery.
My ugly pottery collection and the honey badger: