Bedded bamboo

by Rainbow Bobbins

Wahoo! On Saturday the bamboo bed looked like this:


By Sunday it looked  like this:



Yay! This makes me very happy.  The coral bark maple was transfered from a pot on the deck to the left of the bamboo bed. Grasses were added from other parts of the yard and additional plantings will go in around the stone barrier. The bamboo is fargasia robusta which we were inspired to plant after reading MulchMaid’s post.  The third bamboo did not go in the ground (on the left) because we bought it off of some craigslist dude — it does not look healthy and I was having paranoia about it being a rogue running variety. Can’t wait for this to grow in so I don’t have to see my neighbors (no offense guys).  BTW: Those lumps around the base of the maple are all the rocks I had to dig up in order to make a hole large enough to plant the maple. Digging rocks is exhausting.