HPSO haul

by Rainbow Bobbins

Here is the haul from Saturday’s Hortlandia Hardy Plant Society of Oregon sale at the Expo Center:


For reference – the list of acquisitions:
1. Bamboo: Fargesia Robusta
2. Heucherella ‘solar power’
3. Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ 
4. Ligularia ‘Dragon Wings’  – Cool shaped leaves
5. Fatshedera ‘Gold Heart’ – Excited about this one
6. Japanese Maple Villa Taranto – Didn’t realize this turned red. I liked it for the very pale, wispy green leaves.
7. Arching Japanese Holly Fern 
8. Epimedium – Many of these plants are new to me but I really never noticed epimediums until grabbing one at the HPSO sale – since Saturday I’ve been noticing them all over town – sweet little plant. Apparently they do alright in dry shade so they will get a test run under the left fir tree.
9. Euphorbia ‘Fire Charm’ – For the front yard
10. Big leaf lupine – For near the bamboo bed?
11. Golden currant – Grabbed this on a whim because it was in the native plant section – knew nothing about it and now not sure where it will go. There is a lesson in there somewhere about impulsive plant purchases.
12. Hosta Patriot – For under the left fir

I got a few of these in the ground on Sunday: