Bedroom > hidden treasure!

by Rainbow Bobbins

Last time I documented bedroom progress was in October — 6 months ago. Hmm…I would have thought we’d be done by now. Here’s my list so I feel like something was accomplished: new light, painted baseboards, new light switch & outlet plates, window trim, painted craigslist side tables, bought a headboard. Ah geez…is that it after 6 months?


The color is growing on me…it is Martha Stewart ‘Bayou’

So the other day I was sanding the inside of the closet….

I pulled out the drawers and found a little cubby hole…I just knew something was hidden in there

Sure enough I reached in and pulled out this treasure:

Can you believe it?! Holy cow…a ‘nudest’ video that sold for almost $40!!!  A former owner’s naughty little stash. Too bad I have not owned a VCR in over 10 years!