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by Rainbow Bobbins

The annual Territorial Seed delivery of tomatoes arrived last week. We rolled out the red mulch and put them in the new raised beds.
Here is a breakdown of what has been planted to  track progress and see what will go on the wishlist for next year (much of the text taken directly from the Territorial Seed Catalog):
Black – Indeterminate and very vigorous. (prune it, add good support) A Russian heirloom that is one of the sweetest tomatoes we have evaluated in its size class.
Siletz – Vigorous determinate plants are parthenocarpic (don’t prune it, add support, forms fruit without pollination) An early tomato that was Bred by Dr. Jim Baggett of Oregon State University and is supposed to be a good one for PacificNW.
Sun Gold – The vigorous indeterminate (prune it, add good support). Sungold’s fruity or tropical flavor is a big hit with everyone who tastes it. The bright apricot-orange round globes are 1 1/4 inches across and are borne on long, 10-15 fruit, grape-like trusses.
Sweet Million – The indeterminate 3 foot tall plants (prune lightly, add support)  produce 1-1 1/2 inch fruit in grape-like clusters.
Momotaro – Indeterminate (prune, add support)  An unsurpassed fresh eating tomato. Its flavor is an intricate and harmonious combination of sweet and tangy, that has won Momotaro several tomato tasting contests. The radiant, dark pink slicers weigh 6-7 ounces. Momotaro is durable, heat tolerant, and crack resistant with good storability.