Evening yard survey

by Rainbow Bobbins

Last night in the yard I noticed the weigela is having its pretty moment:
I like the look of it tangled up with the columbines – blurry evening pics
The very first rose of the season appeared. So did the black spot. Grrrr…I’m getting my neem trigger finger ready.
The Rhodie “Goldflimmer” was relocated from under the left fir tree where it was dying to near the coral bark maple. He seems to like the new spot – check out the new growth:
Also relocated was this small fern – which moved with us from the last house and is on its third location in the current yard. I think it will live here for a while next to bird bath-face planter and the prolific rose campion.
On the topic of face planters: here is my maple sapling I found in the yard last fall. It survived the winter and now I will use it for pretend-bonsai experiments.
Back to the weigela — while me and the bees are loving the blooms for now,  the rest of the year this shrub looks like a scraggly mess – and it loses its leaves in the  winter and is not very attractive most of the year. Another shrub on the short list??