Yard update > mail box revamp

by Rainbow Bobbins

Oh man. The lawn around the mailbox was overrun with weeds – even the mailbox itself was starting to grow some green moldy stuff which happens in the PacificNW if you stand out in the rains for long enough.

On Sunday I removed the lawn all together and planted some drought-tolerant plants instead. After doing some googling  I came up with the following plant combo – some borrowed from other parts of the yard, some purchased:   Tasmanian Tiger Euphorbia (I think), A random cistus that we bought off of some craigslist dude, 2 random sedums – I think one is ‘angelina’?, a Yucca ‘color guard’, Euphorbia Fire Glow and Lithodora diffusa ‘Grace Ward’ which reacted very badly to being transplanted and now looks like it is going to die. The mailbox was scrubbed and the yellow newspaper box was removed. Wha-la!

Next steps are to fill in the area with weed blocker and river rock. Our yard is filled with river rocks and the rocks that are already in the bed above are the ones I dug out while digging holes in this area and removing sod. Geez.

In other parts of the yard: I purchased a new Oregon Grape from Portland Nursery for under the left fir tree and I planted the vine maple in a pot from Winco ($19.99 for the pot – what a bargain!)

The artmesia was intended for the mail box bed but I thought it was getting a little crowded. This pot is probably not the best spot for it but it will have to do for now. Promise to self: no new plants until fall and/or until the plants I already bought are planted. Sidenote: below is the fallout of getting other parts of the yard in order…there always has to be one area of chaos…right? Oh well..the yard is a work in progress.

Other projects are in the works like crown molding. At last.