This week in the edible garden

by Rainbow Bobbins


The rogue potatoes are flowering above and below the shelling peas have put on some nice growth – the vines are nearly a foot tall now.

The bed to the left below was planted with the first of the green beans (bush variety Jade II and ??)

Still haven’t put up the grade trellis but the vines are filling out – they even have tiny grapes forming! This year I will remove the fruit before it matures and concentrate on training the vines for a healthy first harvest next year. Here is a picture of when the grapes where first transplanted in March 2013 – It seems like they have been here longer.

Tomatoes above and lettuce below … all making slow but noticeable progress. Not sure if the red mulch is helping much. I added a tomato to a different bed without the red mulch and it seems to be growing faster (?!)

I found a sprouted beet in the compost bin

So I broke off the starts and planted it…an experiment
The blueberry bushes have never really thrived in the garden – they were planted in March 2013 and are still a year out from producing (hopefully) fruit. The blueberry below is Brigitta.

Below is a hodgepodge area – oregano, a dahlia and some over-crowed poppies:

The Rhodies are in full blow and provide a nice backdrop for the edible garden – I like the freckles on this one: