Left fir > expanding the understory

by Rainbow Bobbins

This is the left fir tree – notice the dead grass around the base:

I decided to expand the understory/planting area — more plants, less grass! Using the hose as a guide I outlined a semi-circle and covered the lawn with cardboard and paper bags.

And filled the area with heavy clay soil from the veggie garden (which was replaced with a 4-way mix soil delivery from Mt. Scott Fuel). There is a lot of dirt getting moved around the yard right now. Wha-la! Below = excuse to buy more plants.

Right now the area is dominated by rose campion which just put out its first flowers of the season and would happily take over the yard.

I relocated and regrouped the ugly pottery collection in this area:

And planted an Oregon Grape that I picked up a Portland Nursery a few weeks ago – Mahonia aquifolium – which I’m hoping will be a backdrop to the rose campion and eventually block the view of the compost bins.
I have my eye on a fern I am thinking of transplanting to this area and will be adding epimedium, hostas…maybe a hardy fushia. I am still learning what will grow under these fir trees. Any suggestions? Would it be a bad idea to plant Bishop’s Weed?