Around the yard

by Rainbow Bobbins

Some views of the yard from the deck…Below is the left fir with the expanded planting bed followed by a wide-shot of the veggie garden and a pic of the right fir tree with the experimental understory.
The peonies are sweet and fluffy with a subtle odor that seems camphor-ish?….it smells like the ointment used for diaper rash. But not in a bad way.
Below is the new Fatshedera Lizei not sure what this thing will end up doing…it is not quite a shrub and not quite a vine from what google says. Maybe it will be trained to grow up one of the old lilac trunks nearby.
Some gladiolus are on the rise — couldn’t resist the bulk pack  of bulbs at the box store.
Too many pictures of this arrangement but the rose campion is making me happy with the fushia blooms even though it is still plotting to take over the yard.