Yard update > Flowers!

by Rainbow Bobbins

Roamed around the yard to see what is new and realized after looking at the pictures that it is mostly flowers. Didn’t realize I had so many….

The problem with cut peonies (below)….ANTS! I googled it and someone suggested dunking the blooms in cold water for 5 minutes to get rid of the ants. I tried this and while I did have some ant floaters it turns out they are good at holding their breath (?). End result is that the peonies are living in a vase outside. I hate ants in the house – not worth it.




This lily above is gorgeous — I bought it last year at the HPSO sale from Judith Freeman of  The Lily Garden – I look forward to putting more of these in the backyard garden nook when I get to that project  next spring. The purple flowers above are creeping bell flower which is basically considered an invasive weed – last year I pulled most of it out but this year I’m letting it bloom and these are the very first flowers to open. It is getting yanked out as soon as the flowers fade. I’ve let many weeds grow wondering if they will turn into something lovely —  and end up battling them later — oh the joys of being a novice gardener.