This week in the yard

by Rainbow Bobbins

The Creeping Bell Flower is out in force. This is a colorful little corner right now with the Rose Campion in the background — if I turn my back these two will eat up the yard. The tree trunks are an old lilac – half of which are dead and will need to get the chop!
Above – happy to see the black elderberry growing so fast — it is an important part of my 5-year strategy to block out the neighbors šŸ™‚
There are too many pictures of this little maple above on the blog but I think it is fun to track progress and see everything starting to grow in and look a little wild. Also, this setting is an exercise in Ā plant thrifty-ness – I transplanted plugs of the yellow grass (type unknown) on the left and the blood grass (behind the random sunflower) from other parts of the yard and they are living and growing!! As a new gardenerĀ it still surprises me when plants live, grow and thrive.

Above is the gladiola patch. I have big plans for this space next season…there will be herb, artichoke and flower beds, trellises with vines, ferns and a stone patio – all that will fit right? Below is a round up of new blooms this week. Top left is a clematis with roots in the neighbors yard but blooms facing my yard. Lucky me.