This week in the yard

by Rainbow Bobbins

This penstemon above was purchased from some craigslist dude for $3 – I had never heard of this plant before and it didn’t look like much at the time. He promised it would be pretty so I threw it in my random hodgepodge plant corner and wha-la! he was right. I’ m liking this cheerful plant.

Some interesting growth above in the face planter and the big clematis rallied one final late bud below:

This little clematis below has struggled — it is from the same craigslist dude I got the penstemon from. I planted it last year under the lilac shrub hoping to train it up the branches. Clearly it is not thriving here but I’m going to try and make it grow  ’cause when it is mature it will look dope! This year the clematis gave me these two little flowers and in return I will give it more light, water and love.

Rose round up below – the top right red rose is the Legends Rose from Weeks – its a stunner, valentines dream type of rose. The yellow rose on the bottom left is the Henry Fonda rose. The other two are unidentified.

Yay – the astilbe has some pink poofey things. These were planted last year from crowns I ordered online and they were not looking good. Things have improved this year. I have a long term plan to eliminate much of the grass but for now I have to give the lawn props for its green-ness! That won’t last for long — temps are headed to the 90s and we don’t water it in the summer.

Finally, a sneaky peek into my neighbor’s beautiful yard. This picture does not do it justice. Lynn has a gorgeous yard and by some miracle I rarely see her out there working on it. I love her creative reuse of the old swing set as a trellis and she has a really great collection of little maples (not pictured). The yard is anchored by a big mimosa tree which lets in a nice dappled light.  I am so happy to share a fence with her.

With the temperature warming this week I am hoping for a lot of growth in the vegetable garden! Enjoy!