Road Trip > John Day River

by Rainbow Bobbins


We rented a raft at Service Creek and headed out to the John Day River for a day float on the 4th of July. I love this river! Very mellow float as you can see from the pictures — typically the water level means no more rafting after July 8th or so… we caught the last float of the season. There were some folks hanging out on the shore but I don’t think we saw another boat on the 7 mile trip. We did encounter a beaver — my first beaver sighting in Oregon. This year we put in at Mile post 86 and took out at Service Creek — the float was nice but this is not my favorite part of the river. I highly recommend the Twickenham to Clarno for an overnight float as we did in 2011 – we also enjoyed launching from Service Creek for a day float (from our 2010 trip) – both of these sections of the river are more secluded and scenic.