This week in the edible garden

by Rainbow Bobbins


Harvesting: Potatoes, lettuce, herbs, baby chard, little carrots, the very first shelling peas and one beet.
Planting: carrots, final round of green beans, next round of lettuces
Growing: tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, lettuce, grapes, zucchini, fall squash, cucumbers, beets, carrots, strawberries, chard, sweet peas, arugula, herbs of all sorts
Gave up on:  Basil – it looks like it has been growing on a battlefield

Carrot status check, above. Below – the first squash blossom of the season.



Woo-hoo… the poppies are out! Note to self…next time space those damn seeds out. Below is a wider view of the garden with the volunteer squash up front.



In late May I found this beet sprout growing in the compost bin so I planted it in the garden:


Yesterday I pulled it out and I have my first ever garden beet! The garden is also producing a bunch of lettuce so I see salads in my future.


This shot of the peas looks very much like the picture from last week but they are getting very close to being ready – I might have fresh peas on my salad.


Now is the time to start think about a fall/winter crops — I did not get around to that last year. I do have a volunteer pumpkin (I think that is what it is) and some gourds growing. I want to add some winter cabbage … what else? I need to read up on my territorial seed catalog. Another garden chore = the grape trellis! I have all the materials, now I just need to assemble.